Looking to Grow Your Business But Frustrated With The Results?

Business development CAN be much more predictable, reliable and effective when done right.

Most people go into business with a passion to use their expertise and create a business that allows them to make a difference AND live life on their terms. Sadly, more often than not, they feel more like they are working a job that overworks and underpays them.

On top of this, you may find yourself facing some or many of these challenges:

  • Not building your business as fast as you’d like to

  • Overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest marketing tactics

  • Using a spray and pray approach to getting more customers that feels impossible to track

It is my belief that owning a business should enable you to enjoy the freedom to spend your life doing more of the things that are meaningful to you. Here is how we get you there.


We Work With You ON Your Business Not In It

Being a pro at what you do is just the starting point when it comes to creating the business of your dreams. To make a real impact you need to master selling what you do to turn those dreams into a reality. This is where our expertise lies.

  • Does your marketing process allow you to reliably get leads on demand, as and when you need them?
  • Are you positioned in a way that  means you no longer compete on price like your competitors because you are seen to be the dominant provider in your market, making you the go-to company for customers who need what you offer?
  • Have you innovated your business to provide such incredible value that customers would be fools to shop anywhere else?
  • Do you have back end sales processes in place to maximise transactions and minimise client acquisitions costs so not only does your revenue skyrocket but your profits do too?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it is highly likely your business is missing out on trans-formative levels of potential income.
These are uncertain times and doing business without a well thought out strategy can be asking for trouble. At the very least, it will hold you back from building your business to its fullest – why just survive when with the right approach, you could be thriving?

Strategy First – Tactics Later

Whether we are talking about a behemoth like Apple or a local sole trader, successful businesses are built on a rock-solid set of strategies.

It’s not rocket science but it does require some effort and knowledge, which is why it is often quoted that around 50% of businesses fail within 5 years.

The world is changing fast and it can be overwhelming to keep up with the ways to market and build your business – Pay Per Click, Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Vlogging…the list is exhausting.

Add to that the ever-evolving algorithms changing the rules almost daily it can feel nigh on impossible to rank page one Google or predict how Facebook will change how group posts work next month.

Whilst these tactical approaches are always in motion, what doesn’t change is the fact the people buy your product or service because they want a specific result or want to be rid of a certain problem. We work with you to communicate your value in the best way possible.

When your message is clear and you employ a strategic approach to business building, using timeless principles, these tactics will be the icing on the cake, not just frustrating projects to have a punt on and see if they provide a return.

Why Us?

We know business coaches are nothing new and that there are plenty out there. It is also true that business coaching can be considered expensive so there are many things to take into account and many reasons to be sceptical. We understand this and aim to set ourselves apart in the following ways:

Our Profit Acceleration Process, facilitated by our one of a kind, proprietary software.

With arguably the most thorough business analysis tool on the market – we leave no stone unturned identifying where both the bottlenecks and untapped opportunities lie.

From here you’ll get a detailed plan, so you can think more strategically than your competitors.

With thorough execution, you can’t fail to gain market share and experience consistent growth.

2 heads (or 1000) are better than 1
At Stick With It Coaching, we pride ourselves in being part of a global alliance of over 1000 global business coaches, associated with The Six Figure Coach Magazine, an online publication promoting excellence amongst business growth experts. This means we have the advantage of being able to tap into the collective expertise of all our fellow coaches. Each has a variety of speciality skill sets, so we have your business challenges covered. .Our strength is in our numbers, meaning a fantastic ROI for you and your business.

More time spent doing.
A lot of coaching sessions involve learning from the coach and then you put the learning into practice in your own time. We flip this. Thanks to our dedicated online platform, you have 24/7/365 access to over 100 of our tried and tested business-building strategies. Not only does this give us more than enough to tailor our methods to suit your needs, it also means you can learn the strategies in your own time so that when we meet, more time can be spent implementing and this is where the real magic happens. And don’t worry about overwhelm – we map out exactly what YOUR business needs to do next to go forward.

Knowledge is potential power, action is real power.


More Options.
If your budget doesn’t allow for our weekly 1 to 1 coaching, there are other ways we can help you improve your business so please get in touch to discuss your situation.

Guaranteed ROI.
Work with us and you will double your investment in additional revenue or we continue to work with you – for free – until you do.

Some of our clients have us make up a part of our fee as a back end percentage on your revenue increases, so the more success you enjoy, the more we do. That way you know we have skin in the game.

What Should I Expect?

Simply put, our aim is to help you develop and grow your business so it allows you the financial freedom to live life on your terms.

More money = more freedom = a more fulfilling life.

Put Us To The Test.

We suggest you never hire someone to coach you until they prove to you that they can get you real, bottom-line results
With this in mind, we invite you to take part in our £25k Challenge. Give us just 45 minutes, and we show you what to do to uncover more than £10,000 in untapped revenue that you are likely to be missing out on. This comes at no charge or obligation to you. What do you have to lose?!